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Fear of a Roast Chicken


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Fear of a Roast Chicken

Tartinet | Oct 16, 2012 08:52 AM

I can competently handle pork shoulder, short ribs, chicken thighs, meatloaf, lamb curry, beef stew, and all manner of soups. However, show me a whole raw chicken and I sigh, give up, and poach the damn thing for chicken salad and soup. I would love to be able to throw it in the oven with a minimum of fuss, not fill my kitchen with smoke, and end up with something reasonably tasty that won't kill anyone. Is that too much to ask?

Please share your most basic, easy, moderate-temperature roast chicken tips. I have no burning desire for crisp, browned skin (well, alright, I do, but I'll happily give that up for an easy technique and no smoke pouring out of the oven). I have a meat thermometer, but I must be using it wrong, because I'm often left with red juice in the cavity and raw-looking pink meat at the center of the thighs even after it reads "done."

Help me, chowhounds, you're my only hope.

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