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Your favorite cooking magazine ranked.

YAYME | Dec 3, 201107:45 AM

I guess it all depends what you like in a cooking and food magazine.

A. I like new recipes that are challenging but I can make (including drink ones!).
B.I like articles about that informative and fun to read.
C..I like food porn pictures.
D.I like travel articles.
E.I like reviews of products and cooking equipment.
F. I like stories about food culture in different cities and other parts of the country or world.

With this in mind I'll do all the cooking and food magazines I can think of some have stopped being published.

1. Gourmet
A**** (in EVERY issue I found something cool I could make)
B*** (Sometimes they over the top)
F**** (Lots of insight!)

2. Saveur
A****(I can't get all the things or the recipe is written in odd format.)
F**** (WOW!)

3. Bon Apetit
A*** (Should be called boring Apetit IMHO)
B** (Fluff and filler)
C** (samey)
D* (Do they have them?)
E* (More like BUY THIS it'll go good with your wallpaper!)

4.Food & Wine
A** (I can't do them and they are boring)
D*** (Places I couldn't get to or don't want to go to)

5. Cook's Illustrated
A* (MAKE THE BEST version of dish that's been since the dawn of time! No thanks, yuck.)
B- (I've read less dry textbooks.)
C- (The black and white pictures make it look less appealing)
D- (Nope.)
E**** (Well now I know what to get)

I'll say that this all purely subjective and your opinion may differ then mine. I've heard lots of people on this board lambast Gourmet. Also I am biased about Food & Wine as half of it is devoted to wine which I don't drink. I'd have to say to me I've found better more creative ideas for food in Real Simple magazine. Now I know Cook's illustrated may be good someone who wants to make the BEST gravy, for which I'd just open the Joy of cooking and follow the recipe. It did help me make indoor BBQ pulled pork that was the only recipe I got from it after a year gift subscription. And the liquid smoke they recommended isn't sold in my area. But I do love Saveur and think it's Gourmet's spiritual successor.

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