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Your Favorite Chinese Carry Out Order


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Your Favorite Chinese Carry Out Order

Dennis | Sep 13, 2002 11:21 PM


Is there a Chinese carry out restaurant in your area that you absolutely love?

If so, is there a specific order that you are hopelessly addicted to?

I plead guily to both of the above. As a resident of Norfolk, Virginia, there is a great little New York style carry out Chinese style restaurant, located in the heart of Ghent on 21st Street. The name of this little gem is Kin's Wok.

Their menu is pretty impressive for a carry out operation. They do some dishes very well. Others not so well. And their consistency is not always what it should be.

Nevertheless, I find myself placing a carry out order there once a week. Sometimes twice a week.

Here's what I order. For an appetizer, I order a large order of their Steamed Tofu, which they call "Kin's Wok Tofu. Most people order it fried. However, I prefer it steamed. Their tofu is always fresh, and to me, having it steamed brings out the freshness much better than when it is prepared fried.

For an entree, I order a pretty mundane dish that wouldn't excite any palate of fine Chinese cuisine. My entree is nothing more than "Chicken And Broccoli."

However, I always order mine "hot and spicy." The Chicken and Broccoli at the Kin's Wok is always prepared with nice tender white chicken meat, plenty of chunks of fresh, crunchy, bright green broccoli, cooked just right, and an abundance of white rice.

The volume of sauce is held to a bare minimum. None of this gooey gravy like brown sauce that ruins many renditions of Chicken & Broccoli at many other Chinese restaurants.

When I take it home, I dump the steamed white rice onto my plate. Then I do something totally weird. I go to my cupboard and open up a fresh jar of fermented bean curd. Or, if I still have half a jar or so left over in my refrigerator, I dump it into a bowl and microwave it for a good minute.

Whatever, I proceed to spoon the fermented bean curd liberally onto my rice.

Then I dump a good portion of the Chicken & Broccoli mixture over the rice. Then I dump some of the fresh steamed Kin's Wok Tofu on top of that. For a final touch, I spoon some more of the fermented tofu onto the entire plate and mix it altogether.

The mixture of the fresh steamed tofu and the fermented
tofu creates a wonderful contrast of taste sensations and blends in very nicely with the chicken and broccoli mixture, over the steamed white rice.

Granted, this sounds like a humongous plate of food. So, what I do is eat about half of it, then dump the rest into a plastic storage container, along with any leftover chicken and broccoli and steamed tofu that was left remaining in the cartons they came in.

I usually have enough leftovers for two more meals. Sometimes, I will steam a small bowl of this mixture next morning for my breakfast.

Another thing I like to do is to open up a big family style can of Campbell's Chicken & Rice Soup and dump it into a large saucepan. Then I add a can of water. Then I dump in whatever is left over from the chicken and broccoli plus steamed tofu plus fermented tofu mixture. Then I dump in a few red hot pepper flakes and a little bit of sesame oil if I have some around. Then bring to a boil. Serve. And enjoy. Absolutely delicious.

I know this probably sounds pretty bizarre. But I am curious. Be honest. Does what I have described sound the least bit appetizing to you?


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