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what's your favorite American bbq? anywhere in America?


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what's your favorite American bbq? anywhere in America?

kevin | Mar 4, 2006 09:27 PM

Was in Memphis, a little earlier, and now I'm pondering where the best cue in American is as pertains to american bbq (chinese bbq, the famous korean bbq, and japanese bbq does not apply here we'll save that for another post).

So where's your favorite? It does not have to be in a cue centric town, don't be afraid to tell us your favorites.

also, a location would be great, and whether you go there for the bbq brisket with a certain sauce. or bbq sphatteti (if it's perhaps a memphis joint) or links or ribs.

So name the place, city location (or address if you have one), and the wares that you get there, also a description of the place (whether complete hole in the wall takeout, or roadside stand or an actual sit-down restaurant).

And don't worry I'm not going to argue regionalities, and state that tuscaloosa is better than oakland or memphis is better than chicago or whatever, just jot down what you like.

Mine is:

Phillip's BBQ, on Crenshaw and Adams, in Los Angeles, a whole in the wall take out joint.

I always get the trio of beef ribs, brisket, and hot links in a very hot sauce (this a well nuanced sauce sort of reminsicenet to mexican mole to me).


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