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Fave tomato recipes for people who don't like them raw/plain?

tastyjon | Feb 4, 2010 09:19 PM

I have an odd relationship with tomatoes.

Among things I love/crave/need on a regular basis: tomato-based pasta sauces, salsas, BBQ sauces, soups, etc. Yes, even ketchup. My judgment of pizza based places is often predicated on sauce rather than toppings/crust.

Yet for some reason, I really don't like them raw/plain - and usually I'll eat just about any other fruit/veggie unmolested. Anyone else in this boat?

Raw isn't exactly proper as I like to make uncooked salsas, so if they have some time to marinade/blend with other ingredients, they work. And having a slice mixed in with a burger is fine. But for whatever reason, I don't like them plain. I push aside big chunks when served on a salad... maybe it's the acidity or something else that doesn't work for my buds. But taking a slice, tossing on some seasoning, and grilling/cooking if on for a short time changes the equation... so maybe it's a chemistry thing?

In any case, I also started growing them last year and soon will be slammed with a huge crop (in Arizona, so yes, despite it being Feb. they are growing). Other than pasta/salsa sauces, do you have favorite uses for fresh tomatoes?

Also, since they tend to get happy at once, are there good ways to freeze them?


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