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Fava/ Victor & Tic/Horse Beans + Baking paper


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Fava/ Victor & Tic/Horse Beans + Baking paper

Amin (London Foodie) | Oct 13, 2004 02:24 PM

(This message is being re-posted to the General
board as it was posted earlier on the notfood board:

Two Questions for the experts on this board:

1) Need some ideas on how to cook the above
mentioned Beans.

2) Am trying to source 1.5” x 2.5” paper pannetone
baking molds either in UK or by mailorder from US
(or where ever).

A friend recalls having seen a picture in a US
magazine and they were brown with little gold flowers
however the name of the magazine is not known.

The paper does not necessarily need to have
prints or designs on it, important aspect being
its shape (straight up rather than mini cakes)

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