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Fatburger in Detroit [moved from Midwest board]

berkleygary | Mar 3, 200812:50 PM

I had a Fatburger today at the new store in the Tel-Twelve mall at 12 mile and Telegraph in Southfield. It was.......drumroll, please.......... um, OK.
I am making the assumption that these are fastfood joints and so the food should be compared to other fastfood joints - not to major league burgers. Given that perspective, I thought these were fine. The food were hot, the meat was clearly meat, the fries ("skinny fries", not the "fat fries") were hot and crispy outside and fluffy inside. The burgers are loaded with extras - tomato, lots of chopped lettuce and a "sauce" that was reminiscent of the sauces you get on Big Macs or Burger King's offerings. They advertise the buns as toasted and if they weren't deeply toasted, they weren't soggy either, which I consider a major plus.

Minor cons: I had to check to see if there really was cheese on my cheeseburger - it was there but didn't add much to the experience. The lettuce and sauce just overwhelm the actual burger part of the meal, tho. There was so much of each on the burger - I would be happy with less of each.

This is their first day and they did just fine. The food was cooked properly and quickly even though the place was packed. I got there about 11:15 and was 3rd or 4th in line. By the time I left at 11:45 or so, the line went out the door. The help seemed competent and cheerful; the place was sparkling clean.
For a fastfood burger it was good, certainly better than Mac's or BK - tho I have to say it's been years since i had a burger at either of those places. So maybe I should say better than my dim memory of those other burgers. (it was a heckuva lot better than the junk I bought at Bagger Dave's, that's for sure).

If I want another fastfood burger, I would return to Fatburger.

I spent $8.00 for a cheeseburger, skinny fries and a diet coke

ps - my daughter says I should wait for Sonic to come to Detroit. We'll see.

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