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Fat, Fat, Gucky Chicken Breast (Normal or Freaky)? [moved from Site Talk board]

basildip | Jan 14, 201211:29 AM

I recently made some chicken stock. I used my pasta pot to enable easy lifting of my vegetables. In my strainer I loaded 1 onion 1whole bulb of garlic, cut in half. I loaded 2 carrots, 1 red bell and 1 green bell pepper. On top of these veggies I placed my boneless skinless chicken breast. I added enough water to just cover the chicken and let my pot gently simmer for approx. 30 min. Then I removed the nearly done chicken, bagged and refrigerated it. I let the veggies simmer another 30 min. When I lifted the strainer I saw a disgusting hugh quantity of white guck, which I assumed to be fat. I threw out the veggies as they had given their all. I used a paper towel to wipe out the thin layers of guck. I ran hot water and filled up the strainer and pot. Then I sprayed Clorox Cleaner and let it soak for an hr. Then I
drained the water to scrub my stainless steel pot. The guck stayed stuck to my pot. My husband decided to soak the pot over night. Next day, I drained the water again. I got out my scrubby sponge and Brillo pad. Again the guck would not budge. In a quandary, I just leaned on the sink for several minutes. Then my eyes fell on my Easy Off No Fume Oven Cleaner, and I sprayed all over that pot for all I was worth. After one hr. I was able to get the guck off, using my scrubby sprung and Brillo. Some spots were still slightly stubborn. Then I rinsed my pots in hot hot water, wiped them down in vinegar,
rinsed again and allowed them to air dry. After that experience I called Sprouts, a New specialty store in Los Angeles. I asked the butcher if he had ever heard of chicken in this condition before. He said no, but he would ask the chef. So, he comes back to the phone and tells me, no the chef had never heard of such either. Then lo and behold, he asked me, "Did you cook it already"?. Needless to say, I just thanked him and hung up. I continued to try and find someone who has had this experience. I called my big sister, my friends, my chef/restaurateur friend who makes chicken soup 7 days a week. Nobody I asked has ever experienced anything so gross. So now I'm asking my Chowhound community--what did I do wrong, or what was wrong with this chicken? Was this normal?

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