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Farmer's Market - smoked white salmon


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Farmer's Market - smoked white salmon

Stanley Stephan | Jul 20, 2002 01:31 PM

I finally broke down and stopped by Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoke across from Acme bread at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

He currently has a limited catch of smoked white salmon which is some of the best smoked fish I have tried in my life.

There was a discussion on the general board about Ivory salmon and I was not totally convinced that it was diet that turned salmon meat pink. I suspected it was a different species of salmon. However, according to the vendor (Bob?), it is indeed diet. He says that is really rare for him to get these salmon in. I'm still not convinced. The texture and taste of the white salmon is so different, that I can't believe it is just diet.

Major sticker shock here. Small pieces start at $20.

They do have smoked salmon sticks for $2.50. Nice peppery flavor. Would be a healthy snack.

There is also a limited run currently of smoked halibut. Really different and very solid fish.

The other fish I've sampled are the regular Alderwood smoked salmon. Very good, but I had just sampled the white salmon and there was no comparison. The white salmon is just smoked fish bliss.

The smoked tuna was well, tuna with a nice smokey taste. They also have a nice smoked black cod, aka, sable or butterfish. There are a few other varieties I have yet to sample. Web site is below.

After all these years, I had never tried the salmon due to the price factor. The vendor has always been really nice, wishing me a good morning week after week, year after year. I guess if you ar patient enough, you catch your fish. Also, I didn't know there were samples. Putting down $20 for something I never tasted was a little much for me.


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