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Farewell to Progresso Soups


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Farewell to Progresso Soups

GG Mora | Jan 17, 2003 11:42 AM

I've just eaten my last can of Progresso Soup (Tortellini, if you must know). I used to (10 - 15 yrs. ago?) keep my larder stocked with Progresso soups so that, no matter how busy I was, I could always count on a decent bowl of soup. I'm not sure exactly when it started (probably when they came under the aegis of General Foods) but they have gotten progressively inedible. It was barely perceptable at first, then I got to where I'd have to hold my nose and pretend, and I stopped keeping them around much about 6 years ago. But the Tortellini soup I ate yesterday was positively disgusting. If you told me that it had been concocted entirely in a science lab and contained not a single natural ingredient, I would believe you. Enough. Never again. They should be forced to stop using the Progresso name. Maybe they should call it Ossergorp -- for reverse progress.

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