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Faking Reservations

Beatrice | Apr 21, 2006 04:01 AM

I work in a restaurant, and every once in a while we get people who come in and say that they have a reservation - even though there it is very unlikely that they do. Of course, the reservationist could've missed their message, couldn've called for a confirmation and NOT written them down. There are always exceptions.

But for example, at our restaurant we stop seating at 8:30 - and a couple came in a few minutes before 9 saying that they had a reservation.

Of course, we never bust people on this - but it wasn't extremely difficult to get into the restaurant tonite - why couldn't they just call and ACTUALLY have made a reservation?

Basically, the point of my rant is:
do any of you chowhounders do this? do you know anyone who does? and if so, why?
At my restaurant, we know pretty much every time that people do this, and they end up looking like fools.

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