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StriperGuy | Apr 24, 2014 12:34 PM

Someone on the Boston board recently posted on the Boston Board asking for one of the new retro Speakeasy joints.

As being the curmudgeon just comes naturally to me...

I didn't even post on the thread, and will confess I've never been to one of the New Old speakeasy style places cause they're just not that big here in Boston.

But the basic premise of the whole thing just seems silly to me. Now I'm not a Disney World type of guy, or a cruise ship kind of guy.

I'd rather take a walk in Savannah Georgia, or take my kids fishing in a Florida swamp than experience the carefully crafted/managed world of Disney.

Likewise, as far as I remember prohibition ended on December 5, 1933, so noone has had to be secretive about serving booze for a long time.

Want to have a casual old timey bar with a few bartenders wearing handle bar mustaches... okay I guess. Have to knock three times and know a password to get in... that's just silly.

Booze is legal, we're all adults, heck give me an authentic dive bar if any of them are left, but fake fun has always reeked of amateur night to me. Hello Epcot.

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