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Experience with portable induction cooktop?


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Experience with portable induction cooktop?

redbeanbun | Jan 23, 2011 12:50 PM

Greetings Chowhounders!
I've been looking into a portable induction cooktop unit for a while but the picture isn't much clearer to me. There's a wide range of prices from $70 on to $600 on Williams-Sonoma. I've downloaded manuals on a range of units, compared watts, # of temperature settings, range of temperature settings, weight, and other "features" but still am unclear on the range of prices.

If you have experience with a portable induction cooktop, can you please share and enlighten me? I'm interested in these questions:

1) Are there any benefits to knobs vs. push buttons for settings control?

2) Which of the "features" are useful, and which are just frivolous? For example, my microwave has lots of buttons and settings but the only buttons i use are "Minute Start" and "Stop."

3) Do you really get a better quality unit at the higher price range? Do they cook better? Last longer? Have a larger diameter of actual cooking surface? Look prettier? Have better warranties?

4) Is there something else I forgot to consider?


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