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When do you expect to get "comp'ed"?

kobetobiko | Jun 12, 200803:08 PM

Recently I saw a few posts with diners complaining about food or service at restaurants. What struck me was the expectation of some people to have their dishes or meal comp'ed. One example was that the diners complaint about the AC being broken in the restaurant on a very hot day, decided to stay there to eat. Eventually it became too unbearable to eat there due to the heat and they took the food and left but expecting that in some way they should be comp'ed (which the restaurant didn't do). The other post was about service issue on timing in sending out dishes. The restaurant comp'ed the whole meal (note: very expensive), but the poster still complaint on how the service of the restaurant was unacceptable. There are many other posts on how people expect the restaurants to comp their dish or meal but I am not going into the details.

For me, I never really think that the restaurants need to comp anything. If I get a bad service, I note it in the receipt and give less tips. If I have a bad dish, I either send it back on my first 2 bites (really, after a few more bites, I feel cheap to send it back as if I am trying to get more food), or I just let it go. I know I won't go back to the restaurant or order that dish again, but I don't expect the restaurant to comp me if I don't finish my plate.

Granted, it is a nice gesture if a restaurant decides to comp you. But I don't feel that someone should expect the restaurant to comp anything when they complaint. What's your view? When should a restaurant comp a diner? When do you expect to be comp'ed, if ever?

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