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Is it possible to make excellent coffee ice cream at home?

La Dolce Vita | May 23, 2005 10:11 PM

The earlier thread about ice-cream makers got me thinking. Is it possible to make superb coffee ice cream at home?

I read somewhere that commercial coffee ice cream is better than home-made because the manufacturers use freshly roasted beans.

I adore coffee ice cream, but I am extremely sensitive to caffeine, and none of the commercial stuff seems to be decaf. If I could make it at home, I'd be thrilled, and would get a good night's sleep to boot.

This raises three questions:

1.) Can excellent coffee ice cream be made at home if the only constraint is finding freshly roasted beans (which shouldn't be a problem here in Los Angeles-- I think even Costco sells them from time to time)

2. Is there really a significant taste difference between decaf beans and regular beans such that the flavor of the ice cream would be affected?

3. Can I simply dump ground beans into my favorite vanilla ice cream recipe, or do I need to do something else?

If anybody can suggest one or two useful ice-cream cook books, I'd be grateful.

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