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EUREKA!............ and roast pork was born.

fruglescot | Jan 4, 200809:26 AM

Many , many years ago I heard this old story about a poor man who lived in a grass hut with his pet pig. Each day he would leave the pig in the hut while he went to farm his field. Upon returning one day he discovered to his horror that his grass hut had burned to the ground along with everything inside. As he sifted through the ashes looking for any of his surviving pocessions his fingers touched the carcus of his pet pig and burned them.
Instinctively, he put his fingers in his mouth to soothe them.
EUREKA... and roast pork was born.

Until a better method came to his attention the poor man, when again he desired a taste of the roast pork would place the pig within the hut and burn it to the ground.

Do you know of any other urban myths about food creation by unusual or accidental means or have you had a EUREKA moment of your own regarding food?

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