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kc girl | Aug 30, 200512:44 PM

Just visited and was pleased with the following:

(1) The Chalet (House of Omelettes)
1935 5th St, Eureka, CA
(707) 442-0333
They have buckwheat pancakes and not many places do anymore. Service is good. Good choice of omelette ingredients, including FRESH spinach, avocados, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. While there is nothing mind blowing or exotic here, they offer a good standard breakfast fare, prepared right. And, their produced is very good quality and grown right in the area.

(2) GonSea (Chinese restaurant)
2335 4th St, Eureka CA
(707) 444-8899
Their small size house salad comes with just about every meal. And, you can order a full size of it, a Chinese chicken salad. The dressing is very rich and peanut flavor, but not the sesame oil flavor as many are (though there might be some sesame oil in it.) I really enjoyed it, but think it would be too rich for a full size salad. The chicken/egg rolls are not greasy and have a wonderful little touch of cinnamon in them. This is a very nicely decorated sit-down restaurant with good quality and non-greasy Cantonese Chinese food for a very good price. Service was almost robotic, but maybe because she was busy. No real misses, just no real person there either.

(3) Moonrise Herbs
On the Plaza in Arcata
826 G St, Arcata
(707) 822-5295
They just added a small salad bar with two choices of soup du jour. All items (including the flowers in the salad greens) are organic. Soups are vegetarian and natural and very full of flavor. They had the greatest cookie - a rich sugar cookie with a hint of lavendar. Almost refreshing. Herbal teas. It is really a store of herbs and teas and inspirational and spirit-minded products, including tree-hugger bumper stickers. There is a quaint and calm ambience and the seating (stools and bar ledge) look out through the front window at the garden town center area (where they have the Saturday Farmers Market). Salads by weight @ $6.95 pound and small bowl of soup for $4.50. Self-serve. Great as a fast food place.

There are other good places, and those have been previously posted; some recently, some within the year that haven't changed.

Next trip, we try some bakeries, but this time > an abundance of blackberries from back yard bushes kept us baking at home.

Up in Blue Lake (north and inkand a few miles) there is a great little place called The Red Radish. They also have buckwheat pancakes and will poach eggs. Great healthful organic food. Very tasty. Cheese sandwich had homemade cheddar on whole grain bread with cucumbers and tomatoes adn leafy green lettuce. It's only open until 3 PM, but often opens at night when someone wants or when entertainment prompts. And, Sunday brunch they have piano entertainment. The Red Radish is located at 140 H Street in Blue Lake, CA, Phone: 707-668-5994.

And, it's almost next door to an interesting place called The Chumayo Spa (http://chumayo.com/GuestT.html), a very clean and well designed place. They have little white flowers all along the front window area that give a faint aroma of honey as you walk in the front door. No restaurant in there, but The Red Radish will bring stuff over to the room.

Another good little place was an hour away (north up 101) around Klamath. Stealhead Lodge. (I don't see a website for it and cant recall the address - I was wathcin the landscape along the curvey highway, but I"m sure alocal can direct you) Very retro '60's-70's meal with iceberg lettuce, 1000 island dressing or blue cheese, baked potato, cole slaw or (Dennison's?) chili and beans. But the MEAT! Pork ribs and steaks from an open pit grill, no sauce until on the table. The bbq sauce is a very mild sweet and sour, almost Asian. The pork almost fell off the bone and had a nice smoke. Portions are large, biscuits still have flour all over them. Steaks were to order. I guess this place is a tradition for some. One party was telling about how they come every year for several years now. Definite fishing and camping crowd, maybe a few bikers. Many locals, It's a long drive between the redwoods, but the leftovers are worth it. One rack (the smallest order) was 7 bones and very meaty. A double rack (sure guys! try and eat them all) was gut busting. Dessert was simple. Scoop of chocolate ice cream or champagne sorbet (hints of strawberry flavor) in a retro metal ice cream cup. I'd go again for the meat.

A jar of Trader Joe's India Sauce made a great leftover meal with the smokey ribs. Cut the meat (and extra fat) from the bone, add sauce, simmer while steaming fresh jullienned cabbage from the garden (in place of pasta). A few other tweaks and sides for a delicious meal.

The Arcata Co-op has great organic chicken and meats. $8.99 pound for skinless boneless organic chicken, but so worth it. And, I love their bulk bins. Great local products, too, including dairy.

There are many other places to try and already recommended on this board. This is a very large "small" town, well preserved and near both the coast and the redwoods. Some streets don't even have sidwalks. Some walks haven't been super washed in ages. Some beautiful buildings from the 1800's and modern shopping like Gottshalk's and Sam Goody. Goats roaming in some yards and driveways. Their fresh raw milk is @ $8 half gallon from some private places. Interesting area. Low key and farmland in a seaside harbor area.

I hope to go again. Let me know your favorites and finds. I've read the recent posts, but comments are always useful.

Link: http://eureka.areaconnect.com/restaur...

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