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Essential Toronto and GTA Foods...

prima | Oct 3, 201306:21 AM     127

I think essential is a silly adjective to be using, but how about a list of your favourite Toronto foods you think Chowhounds should try, in Toronto or the GTA, at least once?

Here are some foods I'd recommend:
1. A veal sandwich (I like the Dufferin St Califronia, and Ciccio)
2. Churrasco chicken (recs for places that are the best?)
3. Dim sum at Crown Princess or Yang's
4. Jamaican patty (recs?)
5. Trinidadian doubles
6. Squash fritters at KSR
7.Souvlaki at Asteria, Zorba's
8. Gyros at Folia
9. Pasteis de Nata at Doce Minho
10. King of BBQ Pork at John's BBQ (Chinese style)
11. Dumplings at Northern Dumpling kitchen
12. Eccles cake at Brick Street Bakery
13. Grilled squid at Joso's
14. Lobster at Starfish
15. Lobster with Maggi sauce at O'Mei
16. Margherita pizza at Libretto
17. Cheeseburger at Stockyards
18. Bi bim bap (recs? I still haven't found the one I'm looking for, but I enjoyed the one at Mot Na Son)
19. Iles flottantes at Le Select
20. Goulash soup and goulash at Europe
21. Perogies at Chopin
22. Fried eggplant at Tabule or Jerusalem
23. Shawarma in a laffa at Dr Laffa
24. Arancini at Enoteca and/or Libretto
25. Ribeye at Barberian's
26. Flatbreads at Buca
27. Fried Pigs' Ears at Buca
28. Gandhi's take on roti
29. Chicken roti (any recs? Always looking for a good one. Caribbean Bistro is pretty good)
30. Thai Islamic Noodles at Linda
31. The peameal bacon sandwich at Carousel
32. Bbq pork bun from Lucullus
33. Duff's wings (other recs?)
34. Samosa (A1? Other recs?)
35. Soma chocolate
36. Dosa at Moti Mahal or Udupi Palace
37. Maid's Cottage butter tart. I buy mine at Rachel's
38. Coconut cream pie at Scaramouche (I'm not a fan of coconut cream pie, but I'm glad I tried the Scaramouche version. And if you like coconut cream pie, this is the one you've got to try!)

That's all I've got right now...
And I left out macarons, cupcakes, donuts, tacos, fried chicken (ok, I admit, I like Ajuker fried chicken best), nachos, ramen, sushi and salad!
Please continue with your recs!

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