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Encinitas Coco's Confession North SD

Enorah | Jan 29, 200801:36 PM

It was a cold and gloomy Saturday night.

We were hungry and tired and did not want to drive far in the rainy weather.

We thought Milton's might be nice, a bowl of chicken soup, some corned beef. Milton's was packed. We drove around the parking lot a few times, risking our lives and our sanity and then high tailed it out of there, back on the 5 traveling North heading towards home, with no plan...........no plan..............no plan. A ridiculous discussion of where to eat began (a ridiculous discussion we seem to have quite often). Everything rejected........every idea........nothing felt right.........maybe it was time to surrender................maybe time for a tuna salad dinner at home.

We exited at Encinitas Blvd, and I said, with a sigh, "Let's just go to Coco's". Food snob that I can be, my honey looked at me to make sure I had not been replaced by some alien invader. After reassuring himself that I was me, he turned right, and into the Coco's parking lot we arrived.

There was a wait

at Coco's?

We waited.

We were seated after about 20 minutes had passed and handed the special prime rib menu.

Prime Rib?

at Coco's?

Okay, we'll bite.

We got bread with our soup or salad (I had the salad and he the soup, you get a choice of one with the prime rib dinner). They serve that fake butter with the bread, but we asked for real butter and it was delivered with a smile.

The salad was a mix of greens, a few really sweet grape tomatoes, a couple of cucumber slices, some shredded carrots. Not at all bad, actually just fine.

The soup was vegetable, beefy stock with veggies, pretty good.

Then came the meat. We both ordered ours rare, and rare it was

and delicious

Okay, maybe we were there on a really good night, maybe it was an anomaly, but it was good. The prime rib was served with au jus, a creamy horseradish sauce, veggies (semi-soggy), and a baked potato loaded with sour cream and chives and real butter on the side (again we requested real butter, that fake stuff scares me).

$11.99 a plate for the 8oz
there were also a 12oz and a 16oz option

Eat at your own discretion.

But for $11.99 a plate, that was a darn fine prime rib dinner

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