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Emeril's : not very friendly... (moved from Florida board)

sugarcube | May 22, 200804:22 PM

My family and I decided to try Emeril's restaurant at the CityWalk location in Universal Studios.

Mom and sis had chilean sea bass, and dad the pork chop (suggested by the waiter to be cooked medium)--- although we ended agreeing that it was a bit dry. The sauce saved it. I had the andouille encrusted red fish. The crust leaned towards the dry side and fishy tasting in some areas.
While my mom and sister had 'hits' my dad's and mine were 'misses'.
In addition the service- which started off superbly, ended on a sour note.

Here is what happened (in her words):
"Overall, our dining experience was pleasant, and service was professional. However, one particular waiter named George, ruined our evening by being very rude to me. My family was celebrating my sister's graduation, so I pulled George aside and asked him if he planned on doing anything special for her. He stared me in the face and bluntly responded, "No." I waited several moments to see if he was making a joke, but this expectation proved very wrong. Up until this point, he had been friendly to me in front of the rest of my family members, so his rude and dismissive response shocked and made me extremely uncomfortable. Prior to this, I had made the same request to another waiter, who acquiesced; however, no celebration occurred, which is why I approached George. I cannot fathom why George would treat me in such a poor, unprofessional manner. But just because I am the youngest in my family and am not the one paying the bill, does not mean I do not deserve fair and equal treatment just like every other patron at Emeril's. I came into Emeril's with high expectations for such a reputable restaurant, but was extremely disappointed. I hope that in the future, you ensure that all your staff is trained properly to respect every guest dining at Emeril's. I look forward to hearing your response soon."

Caine, the assistant manager, requested we contact him upon our return to Florida. I hope that when we do, the service will be friendly and respectable to all members of my family.

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