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Embaressing Dining Partner- What to Do?


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Embaressing Dining Partner- What to Do?

NicoleFriedman | Jun 27, 2007 12:15 PM

I recently visited a close family member who I haven't seen in a while- I love this person. However, my relative makes me cringe anytime we go out to eat (which ironically is all the time when we are together as she refuses to cook anything!)
Here's a common scenario:
We go to a diner or a deli. As soon as we are seated, she complains of a draft (sometimes there is one but more often than not there isn't). We move our seats.
She complains of another draft (no, I am not joking- this usually happens minimally 2 times in a row). We move again- and at this point we may even have glasses.
She orders her meal but dissects it- a typical meal being broiled salmon, veggie and baked potato- but no spices on the fish including salt or pepper, no sauce. (In her defense she does have acid reflux so some spices can cause her problems, but then she'll drown her dish in ketchup which has salt and spices in it...I refuse to point this out to her)
Not always but many times she'll send her dish back- I recall more than one occasion when she sent the same dish back twice. Sometimes she has a justified reason- they didn't cook her steak medium well as asked for example. But sometimes she'll complain that there are spices on it and there really doesn't seem to be to me at least.
Throughout the meal she purses her lips and doesn't seem very friendly to the waiter.
I want to emphasize again that I love this person with all of my heart and obviously I feel that whatever discomfort it is eating out with her is worth it despite my embaressment.
If you have been or if you were ever to be in a similar predicament, how would you react?

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