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Embarassing, "non-houndly" foods in your kitchen


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Embarassing, "non-houndly" foods in your kitchen

Scooter Pie | Jul 27, 2003 01:52 PM

WARNING: Following content may offend food snobs. If you are easily shocked by posts about artificial sweeteners and grocery-store packaged foods, just avert your eyes and move on to posts about truffle oil and fois gras.

So I have items in my fridge and cupboards that I wouldn’t necessarily want hounds to see…I’m NOT talking about “trendily downscale” stuff like, say, Yoo-Hoo or Vienna beef hot dogs or loaves of white bread fresh from the bakery…I’m talking about the REALLY un-houndly stuff…Here are some of my examples (Premptive note: This is not an invitation to flame my choices – I’m posting them here because I *know* they’re embarrassing!):

1) Atkins “maple syrup” product: Terrible consistency, but tastes *OK* (not great). I only use this because sometimes I like to make French toast and not OD on processed sugar

2) Crystal Light: I hate soda of all types, juice has too many carbs and can do a number on my delicate little digestive tract, and water sometimes gets boring. Crystal Light, like Atkins syrup, is not great, but fits the bill

3) Iceberg lettuce: Sometimes I like this out-of-favor food with homemade tacos or Mexican-style (for gringos) dishes. Actually, my Mexican-for-gringos concoctions are probably a separate “unhoundly” thread unto themselves…(And yes, I live in LA. I *KNOW* the difference between the real enchilada and the stuff I whip up at home)

4) This may be the worst: Sugar free Jell-O pudding. I’m risking getting banned from Chowhound now…But again, it’s the processed sugar issue…Sometimes I like to whip up a quick dessert (just for ME, not company), so I use this packaged abomination along with some Scharffen Berger chocolate or fresh fruit….Not ‘houndly, but hits the spot on a busy weeknight….

OK, folks, 'fess up: What embarrassing items are in YOUR kitchens?

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