Electric vs. Gas Burners


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Electric vs. Gas Burners

chicgail | Jun 21, 2013 11:16 AM

I have used a gas range, for most of my adult life. I like the ease of it and that control I have over heat. I have it that gas is always superior to electric on a range and electric is better for ovens.

We're thinking of moving and we looked at a condo this morning that I liked - except that it is an all-electric building and would require an electric range. The one it is already supplied with is an LG smooth top and looks pretty decent. But I know nothing about using an electric cooktop or the difference between smooth top and coils.

Are electric ranges better than they used to be?
Am am outdated in my view that they are harder to control than gas?
Worth considering?
Too hard to teach and old dog new tricks?

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