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~*Eh Formaggio....Ehh not so much (Indy)*~

Kam7185 | Apr 25, 2008 12:51 PM

So, we have officially moved to Indy and our new home is just about to be completely gutted. One of the first things we needed to do was to line up a list of fabulous takeout joints. We get takeout pizza once a week regardless, so this was first and foremost.

We have heard rave reviews about Eh Formaggio on the west side and decided to place an order. Before jumping in to one of their specialties, we had to test the waters with our barometer. Extra thin crust with extra cheese and italian sausage. Prety standard fare, and the gent on the phone assured that it would be nice and thin and ready within 15 minutes.

We had heard that they made great thin style pizza and were Italian New Yorkers who knew what they were doing. When we arrived the first thing we noticed some gorgeous spanikopita. We made a comment like, "Oh, we didn't realize you also made mezes and spanikopita." The greek man who ran the joint told us, "We don't, thats a greek spinach pie." We couldn't help but smile, paid for the pizza, and left.

We were more than dissapointed to see that this was not a true thin crust pie. We're used to the amazing chicago style thin and have been spoiled with the gourmet pizzas of Arizona. It looked exactly like it came from Sbarros. It was much too doughy, there was no spice, and it tasted like they sprinkled green can parmesan around the thick edges. To be fair, it wasn't awful, but definitely not the way we enjoy our pie or worth the cals!

Is this the NY thin style or does this place simply not cut it anymore?

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