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Egregious? I think so.


Not About Food 28

Egregious? I think so.

fat parish | Apr 27, 2009 10:29 PM

Went to Fatty Crab downtown tonight. Hadn't been there in ages and don't remember loving it to begin with. BUT, thought I'd give it another try. First, the waiter was sweet but majorly gave us the upsell by convincing us to order at least one expensive entree we didn't need, probably 2--but let's not be petty.

But here's the part that really ticked me off. He sold us hard on their chili crab dish, the one that has "MP" after it's name. Ok, since most of the entrees don't exceed $20, I didn't ask. i SHOULD HAVE ASKED and so should you if you are ever to endeavor upon this FORTY-TWO dollar entree. There were 2 crabs and 2 pieces of white toast (cut into four). Do you think that's a fair price? I admit I should have asked and usually do, but shouldn't he maybe of mentioned that considering it was at least DOUBLE the price of most everything else on the menu???

So, I'm not going back. Cause I feel kinda duped. And for $42 bucks, I coulda rented a little boat and caught a bunch of crabs myself. (no crab jokes, please.)

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