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Egg yolk/whole eggs in buttercream


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Egg yolk/whole eggs in buttercream

Laura D. | Jan 14, 2009 05:03 PM

Hi all,
I'm still on my (eternal) quest for the perfect vanilla buttercream recipe. I am currently using this one (scroll down to bottom of page for "Marshmallow Frosting" recipe)--


I like this recipe because it seems to be just the right mix of rich and sweet. And, when it is at room temperature the texture is also close to there I want it to be. Note, I usually use less butter than the recipe calls for. However, not only is this recipe not perfect, but I wonder whether I really want to be in love with a recipe that uses Marshmallow Fluff as an ingredient. I love the stuff, but would also love to graduate to a buttercream with a more "adult" ingredient list.

Regardless of what recipes I've tried (I've made custard buttercreams, basic butter/10x sugar buttercreams, swiss meringue buttercreams, etc) I am never fully satisfied with the results. I want something sweeter than the meringue buttercreams I've tried, as those come out tasting too much like solid buttercream, tastier than the basic butter/10x butter creams I've tried, and altogether less finicky than the custard buttercreams I've tried. Basically, I want something very fluffy that is rich and sweet, though not so rich as to taste like butter and not so sweet that it burns your teeth. A tall order, I know!

My newest idea is to further explore one of the recipes that utilizes either whole eggs or egg yolks, uncooked, in the buttercream. Can anyone who has tried a recipe along these lines let me know your thoughts? Though I've tried most of the recipes or versions of the recipes that people have posted on chowhound in the last few years, if any of you have a killer buttercream recipe that seems to fit the bill I'd love to see it. Thanks!

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