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Eating the "wrong" way


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Eating the "wrong" way

Peter | Aug 28, 2000 08:12 AM

I've seen some threads which relate to this, but not a real discussion of the whole topic.

What are chowhound opinions of eating food in ways which the culture which it comes from deem incorrect? e.g., the traditional Italian meal is antipasto, first course (usually soup or pasta), main course (fish or meat), dessert. Yet relatively few Italian restaurants, even in NYC, seem to intend you to eat that way, giving portions that correspond to the more American way of eating (Soup or appetizer, main course, dessert).

I recently saw an Italian family in an Italian restaurant here, and they got what they wanted by ordering appetizers, pastas, and main courses, but only one of each for every TWO people.

Clearly, there are examples from other cultures.

Do we have an obligation to learn to eat the way the culture wants us to? Should we have a choice? How much should restaurants tell us about "how" to eat?

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