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I'm still eating so leave my husband's plate alone!


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I'm still eating so leave my husband's plate alone!

Trixie Too | Jul 22, 2006 10:16 PM

I don't know if it's standard restaurant practice, or if it varies from place to place, but why, oh why, must waitstaff feel compelled to take away my husband's (or whomever) plate the second it looks like he's done and leave me there to eat all alone?

I eat rather slow, but no exceedingly so. My husband eats at a "normal pace." It doesn't matter if we're in a $$$$ establishment or a $ establishment, my husband has taken to leaving just a bit of food on his plate so he can tell the waiter that he is still working on his food and I won't be eating alone. He usually gets a very strange look from the waiter because there could be just a tiny morsel of food left on his plate.

This has got to be my one pet peeve with restaurants. Most places will ask something like "can we clear your plate?" or "are you still working on that?" (like eating was laborious). But why can't they just see that I'm still eating and leave his plate there?

Is there a proper way of saying, "leave the plate" without having to resort to pushing around a bit of food? Would love to hear some waitstaff opinions. TIA.

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