Not About Food 51

How do you eat out often and maintain your weight?

mollyomormon | Jan 12, 201005:41 PM

this was inspired by a post on the LA board where several chowhounds stated that they had lost weight by eating most of their meals out at restaurants. My experience has been the opposite where I find that it's easiest to maintain my weight when I eat lots of lean proteins, vegetables and some fruit that I've all prepared myself for most of my meals and then order conscientiously when going out. I find that it's hard to eat out at restaurants for most meals and still be aware of caloric intake because, unless it's at someplace that's required to post caloric information, it's impossible to know how many added calories are in the food. But, if others have had the same experience of the chowhounds I mentioned above, I'd be very interested to hear about it. I'd especially be interested to know what you were eating for meals at home prior to switching to eating out for most meals.

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