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JUST eat/cook it!!

kseiverd | Sep 11, 201303:28 PM

Original neighbor (RIP) was a teacher... and a fisherman. Once kids got olde nough that he and wife didn't have to devote their "sick days" to staying home with kids, he dedicated his to fishing. Usually early or late in a school year... depending on that was "running"??

He'd always show up at my front door with something for dinner. Sometimes a filet of something unnamed to fry/broil/saute. Sometimes already cooked. NEVER disappointed, but he would never tell me what it was until AFTER it was cooked and eaten.

One time it was skate... liked that a lot. ANother time Sea Robin filets... again tasty. Yet another time he needed an extra pair of hands to process his catch... a cooler FULL of conger eels. They were yellow-ish, kiinda short and stubby, not what I would picture as an eel, and EXTREMELY slimy!! He needed sombody to hold plastic bags so he could deposit filets without them slipping out onto the garage floor!! Nice, firm, white fish.

My only request when he brought me FREE dinner was... is it "fishy"?? I like seafood but NOT strong flavored fish. YEARS ago, I had mentioned that my grandmother (when still alive) LOVED shad roe. He had a cooler full of shad and gave me a GENEROUS amount just for her!

Mr. Dave... you were/are the best!!

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