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Ever eat a bug?

crt | Jan 24, 200802:01 PM

You may not think so. But you, me, and all of us in fact have consumed them in our processed foods.

But what about as a main food source or ingredient in a dish?

Some time ago I viewed a nature program where an arachnologist went to study the elusive goliath birdeater tarantula that lives mostly in the rain forests of northern South America. Though in order not to offend his guides he had to agree to eat of one should they catch it. Something about their beliefs. Of course he wasn't keen on the idea, becuase of his chosen profession (rather study than eat), but it was the only way he was going to get escorted deep into the rain forest by the guides. Anyway, long story short...They ended up capturing one and cooked it whole over a campfire. As I remember most of the meat they consumed was in the legs, just like a (sea) crab. And in fact that's what the arachnologist said the taste of it somewhat reminded him of.

Just a story I wanted to share to get this topic going.

Personally I haven't consumed any meals or dishes featuring insects. But I'm wondering about other Chowhounders. Who out there has? Who out there might consider it? I'm sure though that most have some sort of 'understandable' aversion. Your welcome to comment too. However, I'm one of those who those who would try just about anything once. So...let's talk edible bugs???


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