Easy gardening – seeding to go with the flow (of rain!)


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Easy gardening – seeding to go with the flow (of rain!)

NYchowcook | May 26, 2009 05:29 AM

I’ve been slow getting my garden in in Upstate NY. I planted my tomato, lemongrass and leek plants yesterday, seeded some chard, scarlet runner beans and mignonette (a heavily-scented flower near the pool sitting area) My herb garden is all in except basil.

Today however is my big seeding day and the reason for my post . . . It’s going to rain for two days starting tonight! Today is a great time to plant my seeds so I get a big boost in keeping the seeds “moist until germination. “

In my many years of gardening, I never thought about taking advantage of the rain this way in timing when to put seeds in the ground. Easy, go with the flow. I guess I’m finally learning!

I am seeding:
Italian zucchini (love those blossoms!)
Haricot vert bush beans
flowers – cleome, cosmos, sunflowers (3 kinds!) and nasturtium.
(I also have seeds for zinnias and tithonia, though I probably should have started them ahead of time indoors, and don’t know if they’ll bloom this summer.)

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