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Easter Dinner Ideas

September29 | Apr 7, 2014 11:47 AM

So... it sounds like I'm hosting Easter dinner at the ripe age of 26. Just 4 people- my husband and my folks. My parents will have just returned from vacation and my brother is away at school so my mom said she "didn't want to do anything". But anyway...

Trying to think of a menu worthy of Easter and most likely lamb based. I don't feel like doing ham, personally. 3 courses- the only thing we have nailed down is dessert, which will be lemon ice cream, maybe something else in addition. Not too worried there.

I've been making a potato leek soup recently that I know my folks would love- I think it would make a great first course, but I'm not sure if it would make the meal too heavy. I also feel like I need to serve a starch with the main course, but will that be too much with the potato soup as the 1st course?

So, with a potato leek first course, what do you think of lamb "lollipops" with some kind of green sauce (chimichurri/green goddess, etc) along with either roasted asparagus or zuchinni and a caramelized onion risotto? Perhaps some sauteed mushrooms with the risotto (but on the side, because my mom is a picky child).

Any other suggestions? Should I just nix the potato leek for something lighter as a starter?

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