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JeetJet | May 8, 200810:12 AM

In the comedy “Private Benjamin,” there is an Army basic training scene depicting a very distressed Goldie Hawn saying, "I want to be normal again. I want to go out to lunch." ... These words can also be used in a drama.

On April 15 the front page of the Times had an article stating that “The Big One” will hit Calif. anytime within the next 28 years. As a Chowhound I was shaken by the thought that I would not have access to fresh milk, butter, donuts, tacos, burgers, fried chicken, pie and more because the bridges and roadways of our city might not survive the rocking and rolling. That article has come to mind again and again with each news story over the last few weeks reporting recent tornadoes, earthquakes to the north and south of us, and that cyclone. Some people in those areas have no emergency food and even among those who have some food their pains are still compounded by the absence of their normal diet. Among those victims who “Live to Eat” there must be serious withdrawal symptoms.

What can we do to prepare for the Big One? What more is there besides canned soups and beans that can be stored for at least 3 to 6 months without refrigeration and replaced as we eat them before they are out of date? I am not talking about what we can find by walking the aisles of chain Supermarkets. I want to know about all the special packaged, canned and preserved items made available at the small Mom and Pop places in the LA Area.

I want a LA shopping list of those foods that once opened during emergency times will comfort the hunger, feed the soul and make a Chowhound feel normal again.

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