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Earl Grey Ice Cream

Amuse Bouches | Jul 5, 2006 04:24 PM

Inspired by so many of these wonderful ice cream threads, I decided to make earl grey ice cream for the 4th of July (it's just not the 4th without homemade ice cream to me). I used this recipe from Epicurious

only I added about 3 Earl Grey teabags to the heating milk, and used superfine sugar. Added the hot milk to the eggs in the cuisinart using a turkey baster, and it was nice and smooth.

Things went awry when I transferred it to a pan to thicken. Here's a question for the ice cream veterans: when I first transfer the mixture back to the pan, it's very foamy, and you can't tell how thick it is really because the foam coats the spoon. I don't know if I just cooked it too, long, or if my favorite Le Creuset is just too heat conductive, or if the recommendation for medium heat is just a bad idea idea, but despite constant stirring, it curdled.

At this point, I was despondent. My kitchen was a mess -- between the food processor, and the heated milk pan, and the other sauce pan, and the dish for the egg whites (for later pavlovas) and the turkey baster I had used a lot of dishes, and either had to start over or have nothing to show for it. Had the bright idea of returning it to the food processor and blending away the curds, adding an extra egg yolk for good measure. Ended up with smooth, perfectly textured ice cream "batter", and if there was any eggy flavor it was unnoticeable under the tea.

Chilled it a few hours, added the whipped cream, and froze it. Delicious!


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