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Dynamic MiniPro vs Bamix Gastro vs Waring Quik Stik Medium

skyline | Oct 3, 201103:08 PM

Trying to decide between these 3 immersion blenders, to be used for making tomato sauces and soups. None of them has both of the features I would like most to have, which are (a) removable shaft and (b) pot-immersible shaft longer than 7". Ease of thorough cleaning and light weight are also important. I'm also concerned about all the reports I read online from users of various immersion blender brands about bits of plastic breaking off (I'm a plastic-hater from way back, LOL) so IMHO the more stainless steel the better! From what I've gleaned online about these 3:

Dynamic MiniPro:
Variable speed
200 watts
weight: 2.2 lbs
Detachable shaft
Immersible shaft length 6.5"
warranty: None (!) "no warranty will be honored for residential or non-commercial use of this product"
Price $179

Waring Quik Stik Medium Duty (WSB40):
two speed
stainless shaft and blade
350 watts
weight: cannot find anywhere (can anyone help?)
Non-detachable shaft
Shaft length: 10"
1-year warranty
Price $127

Now as for the Bamix Gastro I am totally confused! One part of the Bamix website and KitchenUniverse.com both show the Gastro 200 as having an immersible shaft length of 29 cm, which is a tad less than 11 1/2" (sounds like a 12" shaft to me). They do not give the weight, nor whether the shaft is detachable or not:

On the other hand, the Pleasant Hill Grain site describes the Gastro 200 thus: "The shaft of the Bamix Gastro 200 is longer than the Deluxe or Mono, by 2" (total length of 7.5" below the motor housing.) ". This site has the same info: http://www.buybamix.com/Find-Your-Model/

The weight (found elsewhere) is given as either 2.2 or 2.4 lbs. I have found nothing to indicate that the shaft is removeable, so assume that it is fixed. One-year warranty.

Price seems to be either $179.99 (Pleasant HIll, BuyBamix) or $199.99 (KitchenUniverse).

So I am totally confused about the Gastro 200's immersible length!

Also wondering about the shaft-end design. I've read user reviews that say the Gastro scratches the bottom of all their pans. I Iike the "open" shape of the Bamix because it seems easier to clean than the "closed bell" of the Waring and the Dynamic BUT am also wondering if that design tends to spray things around more and/or if the reason users complain about scratching is because the actual sharp blades are able to contact the pan bottom somehow? I've never had an immersion blender before and certainly don't want to damage my pans with one.

Bamix is made in Switzerland; I found a photo of the top of the Dynamic MiniPro showing "France" under the brand name:

No clue where the Waring Quik Stik is made; anyone know?

Would love feedback/answers from users of any of these 3 so as to help decide. The lack of warranty coverage on the Waring Quik Stik does give me pause, although I would really like the longer shaft length for use in my larger/deeper pots.

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