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Tord Svenson | Dec 28, 1999 08:12 PM

Has anyone run across any interesting dishes using the SE Asian "fruit" -- Durian ? These look quite forbidding as they sit in Asian markets. I'd hate to have one fall on me out of a tree. I've had durian shakes, durian candies, durian pop drinks, durian filled pastries. I wonder what else can be done with this unique tasting fruit? Durian chutney? Durian pie? Durian fritters? Durian stuffed pork loin?

When I first ran across durians I recall the Asian clerks almost falling down laughing when I asked about if I had to buy the whole fruit or if they would cut it in half for me. "We don't cut durian in the store!" I understand it is against the law in Singapore to eat durian in certain circumstances, like on buses.

Is there a durian maven out there in Chowhound land?

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