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Dupont Grille

pete dunninger | Jun 18, 2003 12:31 PM

Oh my gosh. Let me tell youmy experience of Dupont Grille.

To the point,I too visited this nouvelle grille on their virginal sunday. I would gladly have ate the leg from my chrome polished chair i was so hungry. With a wait of 58 mins between order and arrival, the muffin and fruit did barely fill the gap.

My over camp waiter seemed to have his section under control, i wish however i could say the same for his hair. Before we go further though, I should mention that we are gay men - and we only have a problem when other gay men recognise our orientation and feel that it is a valid reason to touch us at every given opportunity, especially in a restaurant after a torrid saturday night. Note to gay servers - winking at customers of similar sexual orientation will not increase tips.

We settled the check, left, and went to daily grill for a thoroughly satisfying remainder of the afternoon.

Phase two of our experience was dinner. Since the brunch fiasco, we have had dinner in Grille four times. Food was superb, absolutely superb. We did have that server again on one occasion,and this time his hair was even more flambouyant, pink or orange if i remember. He did not recognise us, but began his covert body search on us again. This time was a little more subtle though - but much too overfamiliar none the less. His use of choice four letter words to his colleagues was not appreciated either.

On the other occasions though, our servers where simply charming. One made us feel completely relaxed in particular, with a quirky little accent and genuine appeal. A soothing voice and a wonderful wit brought us to our knees - 25% garcon,just for you. He even invited us back - and we acepted graciously.

On only one occasion while we were there though did we get offered a special. A cute soft shell crab entree. The starch needed a little work, but the crab itself was divine.

One tip people, try their fishy dishies, they have an impeccable butterfish, and a tuna to die for. Anyone any clues on what tomato nectar is, our server certainly didnt....

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