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Dried mushrooms--gone funky?


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Dried mushrooms--gone funky?

Alexandra Halsey | Jan 14, 2003 09:02 PM

So I need 4 ounces of dried mushrooms (to make baked mushroom linguine from Martha, FWIW). I’ve got 2 ounces of porcini, and 2 ounces of the Polish-type dried mushrooms (much cheaper). All of these mushrooms are at least two years old but have been in a dark, relatively cool place the whole time.

Anyone know if these are still okay to use? They seem to smell pretty mushroomy, but at least one mushroom looked like it had a little bit of whitish fuzz on it (though I don’t know if it was always there). Can dried mushrooms go bad?

Would also appreciate input regarding flavor: the rec. calls for 4 oz. dried porcini or chanterelle. Can I get the same flavor with the less expensive, nameless dried mushrooms? (FWIW, there’s also two pounds of fresh mushrooms to be added)

Thanks for any tips.


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