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Dread pesticides; can't afford all-organic diet.


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Dread pesticides; can't afford all-organic diet.

sequins | Aug 14, 2007 11:48 PM

I love fruit and vegetables and, well, hate poison. On my graduate-student budget, however, I would have to considerably reduce the variety and quantity of fresh produce I usually consume if I were to go all-organic. I tried shopping all-organic for a couple of months, but it made such a dent in my funds that I actually regret the indulgence.

Are there certain fruits and veggies that are subject to particularly heavy pesticidal treatment? Are there penny-pinching Chowhounds out there with a master-plan for prioritizing certain riskier items for their farmer's market / Whole Foods forays, and picking up safer items from the local chain supermarket? (I'm asking only about fresh produce here -- realizing that the bigger picture should include meat and grains but deferring the bigger picture until a bigger budget.)

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