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Dr. Bob's ice cream - What's the big deal?


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Dr. Bob's ice cream - What's the big deal?

Erika RollerGirl | Jan 7, 2005 02:44 PM

After reading for quite a while all the rave reviews of Dr. Bob's ice cream on this and other boards, I finally stumbled upon it at a local grocery store here in LA and decided to try it. I picked up the Scharffenberger Works flavor and was very unimpressed. The chocolate flavor of the ice cream was very rich and dark (pretty good) but the little pieces of chocolate in it were like chewing on paint chips (gross)! It was totally unappetizing! The chunks wouldn't even melt in my mouth like chocolate is supposed to do. Did I happen to pick the wrong flavor or get a bad batch or is Dr. Bob's not as good as people have made it out to be? It really was not nearly as enjoyable ice cream as say, Godiva, or another premium brand.

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