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Which dozen spices...? **Typical Hound Spice Rack**


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Which dozen spices...? **Typical Hound Spice Rack**

mic9ael | Feb 17, 2004 10:45 PM

Earlier in the week, I asked about which dozen or so spices hounds couldn't live without. Thank you for all the responses.

Since there were so many people answering, I tabulated the results, to give a picture of a typical (?) hounds spice cabinet.

The numbers following each spice are the number of people who couldnt live without that spice. I also took the liberty of combining black and white pepercorns (I know, I know, they are two different things :) ), mustard seeds and powder, both colors of cardamon, and other similiar items. Here is the typical hounds spice rack:

cumin 10
cinnamon 9
peppercorns 7
bay leaves 6
cardamon 6
coriander 6
mustard 6
paprika 6
cayanne 5
oregano 5
thyme 5
tumeric 5
cloves 4
fennel 4
nutmeg 4
red pepper flakes 4
saffron 3
allspice 2
chile 2
dill 2
ginger 2
rosemary 2
sage 2
aseofida 1
curry 1
fennugreek 1
lemon peel 1
marjoram 1
Old Bay 1
Smoky pimenton 1
star anise 1
sumac 1
Tarragon 1
Tellicherry peppers1
zahtar 1

I tried to be complete, some items may have slipped through - and yes, I have far too much time on my hands!



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