Dougies glorified junk food?


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Dougies glorified junk food?

Joe Berger | Aug 1, 2005 10:13 PM

I had their generous $24 super combo platter which consisted of;

2 "Ribs" hand length bones laced with gristle and fat.

18 "Fire Slammers" bite sized dried out chicken filet, fried in soggy batter soaked with barbeque sauce.

2 "Cajun Chicken" palm size thin sliced chicken breast, moist flaky texture perfectly brazed, delicately seasoned.

36 "French Fries (Garlic)" soggy and horribly over salted.

1 thimble of "cole slaw" thick cut cabbage/carrot nicely balanced slaw sauce.


I should note that I did not use ANY additional condiments for the attempted consumption of this meal. I wish they had been less generous with the meat&fries and more generous with their cole slaw.
If I ever return to Dougies, the only thing I'd reorder would be the Cajun Chicken and Cole Slaw because I though the rest of it was complete crap.
I'm just wondering if I simply have an inexperienced BBQ pallet, or is Dougies overrated by the Kosher consumer due to the lack of decent Kosher BBQ venues.


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