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Double-dipping - explain it to me


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Double-dipping - explain it to me

uwsister | Feb 27, 2011 06:01 PM

Anyone who's traveled in Asia knows double-dipping is a very common occurrence. People will double-dip a piece of fish cake (or whatever) in a dish of soy sauce that twenty other strangers have double-dipped. So that's what I grew up with until I was in early teens.

I'll never forget the day I learned what double-dipping means in this country - I was at a friend's birthday party. We were served apple wedges with caramel dip. I took a wedge, dipped it in caramel, took a bite, and dipped it again. The entire room looked at me with absolute horror. It was like if I had blown my nose really loudly, maybe worse. Since then, of course, I have learned not to double-dip unless I'm with my husband or very close friends who I know don't mind. It's always fascinated me though why people are so sensitive about double-dipping. I mean, I don't think Asian people are any sicker than Americans for doing it, right?

Anybody want to throw their two cents? Whether it bothers you or not, why it bothers you, etc.

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