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dopey lobster question


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dopey lobster question

Raconteur | Sep 10, 2004 11:23 AM

Hey hounds,

Last night friends and I made lobster for dinner. I bought them alive at the local supermarket (yes, I know, supermarket lobster may leave something to be desired, but I've had good results from the same market in the past), they were very frisky coming out of the tank. They were all btwn 1.25-1.5 lbs.

I put them in my kitchen sink while the water came to a boil. A little tap water flowed over them while they were sitting there, but not much at all and not for long. They were somewhat less lively by the time I plopped them in to cook, but they were still definitely alive.

They were the least flavorful lobsters I've ever eaten. I've had lobster in early September before that was wonderful. Their shells were somewhat soft, though not as soft as right after molting. Their digestive tracts were still dark, so I don't think they'd been sitting in the tank too long. I think they were all male - at least I saw now roe.

Any thoughts? Any idea what I can do differently next time?


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