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Dogs in Restaurants

coffeyucf | Feb 16, 201201:14 PM

I've noticed a trend over the past couple of years of people bringing dogs to restaurants. Just the other night I was out at Cut 432 in Delray for Valentines dinner with my wife and there were two tables next to me with dogs. And no I was not sitting next to two blind people.

For those of you not familiar with Cut 432, it's a high priced prime steak place on atlantic avenue. This is not the outside picnic tables at the neighborhood dive bar.

Personally I think this is ridiculous for one that a nice restaurant would allow people to do this. And two that people leave the house to go out to dinner and think it's ok to bring fido along.

I wouldn't consider myself a dog lover by any means, but I certainly don't hate dogs. I just think their is a time and place for people to spend time with their animals. It's not where I'm dropping $200 on a steak dinner.

Also not trying to pick on Cut 432. The meal was expensive but good. This is something I'm seeing at pretty much all Atlantic Ave restaurants. Where do they draw the line? If I brought a pet rat would it be ok if I put him on the table to take a few nibbles on my bread?

Is this just a delray thing? Or this happening all over south florida? Would be real curious to hear other south florida chowhounders thoughts on this topic?

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