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What's in your doggie bag?


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What's in your doggie bag?

Chowdahhead | Jun 6, 2006 10:21 PM

Saw a man-on-the-street feature on TV where they asked this of people coming out of restaurant row. Typical answers "half a steak", "rest of my linguini", "3 spare ribs and one egg roll".

They then tossed the question to the anchors, adding on "...the last time you went out".

Well, mine's none too interesting. We went to the local pizza joint Sunday night, and had a few slices of "meat lovers delite" left. Had they caught us earlier in the week, though, it would have been some juicy Ethiopian goodies.

Most of the time mine would be Chinese, I suppose. We eat there a disproportinate percent of the time, besides which, like most people, we over-order when we do. If I go out for a sandwich or a baked stuffed haddock, I'm far less likely to have leftovers.

Others? What's in YOUR doggie bag?

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