Dishwasher is ready to give up the ghost--I need advice


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Dishwasher is ready to give up the ghost--I need advice

La Dolce Vita | Jan 2, 2006 10:47 PM

My dishwasher, a 9-year-old Maytag, is ready to quit. I need advice on a replacement.

Here's my situation. I do a lot of cooking. On an average day, I run the dishwasher about 4 times. When I'm cooking for a party, 8 times is not unusual.

My current dishwasher has done a decent job--no need to rinse the dishes before putting them in the washer. The average cycle takes 82 minutes from start to finish (this includes heated drying time). The problem is, during that 82 minutes, I'm piling more dirty dishes on the countertop or in the sink, which uses valuable prep space.

If I could find a dishwasher that could do a heavy-duty cycle in, say, 30 minutes (including drying), was quiet and could clean off baked-on lasagna or dried oatmeal, I'd be happy. As it is, I'm skeptical that a good-quality dishwasher exist--except maybe in commercial kitchens where noise doesn't matter. So, I'm thinking about sacrificing storage space to add a second dishwasher just to keep my sink-area free, and to keep me from staying up at night after a party, waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can fill it and run it again.

I'm willing to pay to get superior function. But I'm not interested in designer name brands--unless they can perform. I have no idea which objective measures (such as volume of water used, or power of jet sprays in the machine) correlate with performance.

If any of you have advice, experience or can point me to a consumer-reports type place that has actually tested these things, I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks in advance!

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