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Old discussion etiquette question

Ditdah | Feb 10, 201208:45 AM

Although I'm not really a newbie here, I've never spent a lot of time here until more recently, so I'm not as familiar with all the nuances of what's considered proper etiquette on this site. I had some questions I'd like to ask, but some of the posts I've seen lately have me wondering... what is the appropriate thing to do when you want to ask a questionthat has been discussed previously, but you want updates? Should you bump the old thread or start a new one?

While I suppose this could be necessary on any board, I'm especially interested in the local boards. I've seen threads for "the best pizza in XXX town" or "where can I find such-and-such in this city," but some of them have very old information. Some of those types of threads in my area are full of suggestions for places that have changed hands or have closed, so if someone simply read them for answers, they would not be getting good advice.

I've seen some people get quite upset when newbies don't follow the "accepted" guidelines so I don't want to make the same mistakes.

So, hypothetically: if I'm traveling to Kalamazoo, and search for discussions about "best burgers in Kalamazoo," find one, but all the posts are from 2007... should I bump that discussion and ask for updates, or start a new discussion?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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