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Disaster preparedness: What's in your desk?


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Disaster preparedness: What's in your desk?

Ruth Lafler | Apr 12, 2006 04:55 PM

The upcoming 100th anniversary of the Big Quake has been a big deal in San Francisco the last few months, and the confluence of all that disaster preparedness talk with yet another rainy lunch hour making a run across the street for a sandwich unappealing prompted me to inventory the chow contents of my cubicle.

Our office disaster coodinator says we should have enough food for three days when "the big one" hits -- something about being marooned in the building by broken glass from all the highrises filling the streets six feet deep. I think I may be the only one who comes close to qualifying:

Soup (3):
Thai lemongrass rice noodles (one package, dehydrated -- now consumed for lunch)
Roasted Corn Tortilla Chower (16-ounce jar)
Sweet Potato Bisque (32-ounce tetrapak)

Fruits, nuts and cheese (4):
Raisins -- most of a 16-ounce bag
Dried Apricots -- half a 5-ounce box
Most of a 16-oz bag of roasted, lightly salted cashews
Two chunks of hard sheep's milk cheese (good thing I found those before too much longer!)

Dry: three kinds of granola-type cereals, totalling 6-8 servings
Cooked: three different kinds (not flavors, kinds) of oatmeal, totalling about a dozen servings

Tea (3):
Tazo "Awake" black tea, six teabags
Stash Earl Grey, 16 teabags
Peet's Jasmine Fancy green tea (the better part of 1/4 lb, loose)

Sweets -- okay, here's the part that shocked even me, and I admit I have a sweet tooth:

M&M products (yes, they get their own separate listing):
2 14-ounce bags plain M&Ms (okay, my boss gave me those for the department candy dish, but still!)
1 full and two partial 12-ounce bags M&M's "speck-tacular eggs"
1 11-ounce bag Mint "holidays"
1 open 12-ounce bag M&M "amazing" peanutbutter minis (I didn't like these -- I just took them to the break room and left them)

Other Sweets:
1 14-ounce bag Starburst "sour" jelly beans (bought on impulse, haven't tried them yet)
1 unopened 21-ounce box of assorted fruit jellies
1 unopened 4-ounce box Haribo gummibears
1 tin ginger Altoids
3 boxes various flavors "Nips" (mostly full)
1 whole and two partial 6-ounce bars Hershey's Special Dark (mostly used for hot chocolate)
About an ounce left in a 16-ounce canister of Ghirardelli ground chocolate
Office candy dish -- currently half full of M&M's
And the good stuff: five Michael Recchuiti fleur de sel caramels and one of his cassis strata

Other chowstuffs:
One bottle soy sauce
One bottle seasoned rice vinegar
One jar preserved bergamot
one can curry powder
assorted food service condiment packages

Other consumables:
Two packages of cough drops
One bottle chewable vitamin C
One bottle calcium supplements

As you can imagine, I have more personal "stuff" in my desk than I do work stuff!

What's in your desk?

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